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  • MEDIA MIRROR: Media Increase Criticism of Ruling Coalition

    on May 29, 08 • in Media Monitoring

    As the end of the Election Campaign nears, the media increased their criticism of the “For Better Macedonia” Coalition. The refusal to face Sekerinska in a public debate and the attempt to ridicule MEP Jelko Kacin had negative effects on Gruevski’s image in the media, as well as on the public image of his VMRO-DPMNE party

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  • Media Mirror: Media Favours the Governing Coalition

    on May 26, 08 • in Media Monitoring

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    During the period covered by this analysis, the media are dominated by intensive campaigns of the technical Government and the election campaign led by VMRO-DPMNE led coalition. Those campaigns have visibly pushed to the margins the campaign activities of the other coalitions and political parties running in the 2008 Elections. The numerous expensive and intensive media campaigns of the Government secured "For Better Macedonia" a favourable position in the media, privileged compared to the opposition "Sun - Coalition for Macedonia" and the other political parties and coalitions

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