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  • Media Mirror, May 2006: Macedonian Media United Against the Joint Celebration of “Ilinden”

    on Jun 12, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The presence of Macedonian-Bulgarian relations in the media is on the rise, especially in the context of Macedonian historical heritage.  The most characteristic feature of the media in May 2006 was the fact that most of them reacted and emphasized their strong opposition to the initiative for a joint celebration of Macedonia’s national holiday “Ilinden” with Bulgaria.   One characteristic of the media reporting during this period was the fact that the coverage of the European integration processes was dominated by strong criticism of the Government, but also of the political elites in general. The scepticism

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  • Media Mirror, April 2006: Early Campaigning – the Culprit for the Lag of Reforms!

    on Jun 1, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The prevalent fear in the public of the long-term suspension of EU expansion, after Romania and Bulgaria are accepted into membership, has pushed to the foreground of Macedonian media space. The media, under the influence of the negative reviews by “The Economist” and “The Financial Times”, are uncertain and imprecise in their views and move back and forth between pessimism and optimism or, in the majority of cases, make their own bids about Macedonian perspectives in the process of European integrations.   With full respect for the importance of positions presented by EU institutions, the media create for

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