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  • Forum for Civil Dialogue: Monitoring of Municipalities 2022

    on Dec 29, 22 • in Activities, Analyses, Important


    The Forum for Civil Dialogue coalition, which consists of the NGO Info-center, Youth Cultural Center - Bitola, Multikultura, Glasen Tekstilec, Community Center of Struga Municipality, Civil Initiative Of Women - Sveti Nikole, Spectar, MDC and Idea Plus, in the period July-December 2022, carried out monitoring of information, communication and citizen participation in decision-making in the municipalities of Bitola, Shtip, Tetovo, Struga, Centar, Kriva Palanka, Sveti Nikole, Demir Hisar and Krushevo

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  • Youth participation is not a priority for local authorities

    on Dec 27, 22 • in Activities, Analyses, Important

    Screenshot (24)

    Municipalities are delaying the establishment of local youth councils (LYC) and youth offices under the new law on youth participation. The only exception is Kriva Palanka

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    on Dec 20, 22 • in Activities, Publications


    Social media and civic activism: A unique opportunity to spread yourmessage to the world! The last years have been called the “era of social media”, i.e. “age of digitization”. There is no one who does not talk about it, and companies base their business models on social networks. Can these tools also be used in the civic / non-profit world? Does every NGO need social media profiles to function normally, or could it harm your mission? This mini-handbook provides insight into the field of social media management, as well as tips on how to maneuver

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    on Dec 20, 22 • in Activities, Important


    Citizens are troubled by many problems at the local level and therefore they detected numerous priorities for 2023 in almost all areas – environment, infrastructure, urbanism, municipal services, etc

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  • Comparative Analysis of the Functionality of the Commissions for Equal Opportunities in Kumanovo, Strumica, Debar and Sveti Nikole

    on Dec 20, 22 • in Activities, Analyses


    Based on the fact of clearly defined legal obligations to encourage and promote gender equality between women and men at the local level, the Organization of Women from Strumica, the Civic Initiative of Women from Sveti Nikole, the Humanitarian Association “Majka” from Kumanovo and the Association “Radika De ” from Debar performed an analysis of the functionality of the Commissions for equal opportunities for women and men (CEOWM) at the Councils of the municipalities of Strumica, Sveti Nikole, Kumanovo and Debar. The subject of this analysis is the setting and method of operation of the

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  • Problems and Priorities of Residents in the Municipality of Centar

    on Dec 12, 22 • in Activities, Analyses


    The NGO Infocenter, as a member of the Forum for Civil Dialogue (FCD), from November 15 to 25, 2022, conducted an online survey for the residents of the Municipality of Centar. The purpose of the survey was to detect the biggest problems faced by the residents of this Skopje municipality, as well as to probe the opinion of the citizens about the key priorities in their local community, which the municipal government should work on in the coming period. For the needs of the public opinion survey, a structured questionnaire was prepared, based on the

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  • Monitoring: Municipalities and energy efficiency

    on Dec 1, 22 • in Activities, Analyses, Important

    Screenshot (11)

    In most municipalities, energy-saving lamps have already been installed or are in the process of being installed in public buildings and street lighting

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