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  • Media Mirror, January 2007: Weak Government Policies Towards European Integration

    on Feb 26, 07 • in Media Monitoring

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    The majority of the media included in the monitoring (nine of them) were not satisfied at all with the manner in which the Government implements its programme of governance, but also of the way in which it practiced its power and authority. For that reason, this analysis could conclude that the Government finds itself in unfavourable situation in terms of the general journalistic discourse, having in mind that, according to journalists: “The Government simulates democratic rule and alleged economic success with the help of paid propaganda in the media. The majority manipulates the political system through fictional implementation of the Badintaire's Principle”

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  • Media Mirror, December 2006: The Media Criticize the Government

    on Feb 1, 07 • in Media Monitoring

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    Majority of the media criticize the Government and conclude that, judging from past practice, nothing of significance will change after its first 100 days in office.According to the media, the Government is engaged in a “selective battle for political discrediting of its opponents, while Krasniqi walks around free and phantom armed gangs interrupt ‘Nota-Fest’” and that “the political bulldozer that dealt with illegal construction deflated like an old 'rusty machine'"

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