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  • You are Free – Express Yourself!

    on Dec 3, 13 • in Publications

    sloboda e

    The publication “You are Free – Express Yourself”is an overview of the project activities and the achievements with special focus on the young advocates’ promotional products. The publication is a memento that testifies that the young people are truly the progressive, creative and driving force of a democratic and free society. The publication was presented on a multimedia public event “Freedom is…”, held on December 2nd 2013, at Youth Cultural Center in Skopje The event was an exhibition of all campaigns and multimedia contents (youth local campaigns, photos, short report films, radio articles, posters and

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  • Multimedia Event: Freedom Is…

    on Dec 2, 13 • in Activities


    NGO Info-centre and Youth Educational Forum, on December 2nd 2013, at 12 hours at the hall of the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje, are organizing the final multimedia event of the “Youth Advocates for Freedom of Expression”

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  • (Македонски) Промовирана книгата „Водич на мислителот за логички грешки“

    on Nov 1, 13 • in Activities


    (Македонски) Како дел од активностите за одбележување десетгодишнината од своето постоење, НВО Инфоцентар организираше промоција на книгата „Водич на мислителот за логички грешки – уметноста на менталните итроштини и манипулацијата“,од авторите Ричард Пол и Линда Елдер

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  • The Thinkers Guide to Fallacies

    on Nov 1, 13 • in Publications

    logicki greski

    “The Thinkers Guide to Fallacies - The Art of Mental Trickery and Manipulation” from the authors Richard Paul and Linda Elder is a unique guidebook for recognition of mental trickery and manipulation in the public sphere

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  • Macedonia – Bulgaria: Frozen Conflict?

    on Sep 16, 13 • in Media Monitoring

    македонија - бугарија

    In general, the media reporting relies on (un)conscious application of techniques that reinforce the existing stereotypes, reproduce the prejudices and stimulate the emotions of the audience

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  • (Македонски) Јавниот простор – место за слободно изразување

    on Aug 31, 13 • in Activities


    (Македонски) Денеска, точно на пладне, на улицата Македонија во Скопје се отвори првиот ѕид за јавно изразување, на тема „Слобода е...“, на кој случајните минувачи ќе можат слободно да напишат што за нив претставува слобода

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  • Manichean and Gladiatorial Top-shop Populism

    on May 7, 13 • in Media Monitoring


    The analysis shows that the pro-government media that dominate the media scene in Macedonia have been transformed into a propaganda arm of state and local administrations throughout the Elections

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  • Government and Pro-Government Media Already on Campaign Trail

    on Mar 4, 13 • in Media Monitoring


    The analysis of media coverage shows that, two weeks before the official start of the election campaign, the Government, with support of majority of the media, has already started campaigning for the coming Local Elections

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  • Analysis of Operations and Programmes of the MRT – PUBLIC SERVICE FOR THE CITIZENS?

    on Feb 28, 13 • in Activities, Analyses, Publications, Advocacy for Freedom of Expression

    MRT analiza

    The NGO Infocentre, in partnership with the Media Development Centre, in the period from September 2012 to January 2013, conducted an indepth analysis of the work and operations of the Macedonian Radio and Television (MRT) and its television programming services: MRT1, MRT2 and the Parliamentary Channel

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  • Further Deterioration of Media Freedoms and Freedom of Expression

    on Feb 14, 13 • in Media Monitoring


    The NGO Info-centre, with financial support from the Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOSM), under the auspices of its “Media Mirror” programme, implements monitoring of media reporting on issues and topics related to media freedoms and freedom of expression. This report covers the period from January 1 to February 6, 2013. The monitoring included the following media: seven daily newspapers (“Utrinski vesnik”, “Dnevnik”, “Vest”, “Večer“, “Nova Makedonija”, “Fokus” and “Den”), the central news programmes aired by seven television stations that broadcast nationally or over the satellite (24 Vesti TV, Kanal 5 TV, Sitel TV, Telma TV,

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