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  • MEDIA MIRROR, APRIL 2007: Thaqi Undermines Gruevski’s Ratings

    on May 30, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    The media are expressing their concern that the Government implements policies that, judging from reactions in Brussels, have negative impact on the progress of European integration processes in Macedonia

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  • MEDIA MIRROR, March 2007: President-Prime Minister Relations – EU Sees them as Problem

    on May 3, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    All media follow and determine a chronic lack of “normal” cohabitation between the Prime Minister and the President of the country. The cohabitation problems, according to the media, are yet another “minus” for Macedonia in front of EU. For most media, that is a proof that their are defects in the functioning of institutions. The relations Prime Minister – President are usually viewd in the context of Menduh Thaqi’s behaviour. His actions in Macedonian politics reflects on the positions of both the Prime Minister and the President, with Crvenkovsi winning points and Gruevski loses on the score

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