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  • Media Mirror, November 2006: Government Promises for the Economy Don’t Correspond with its Actions!

    on Dec 25, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    “The Government’s strategy for promotion of its first 100 days in office resulted in oscillating and uncertain results and effects in the media. If, at the beginning of the campaign, the media reflected the optimism and elation manifested by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, in the days that followed, the media launched the negative, sceptical and pessimistic reactions and comments (by journalists, editors, experts, political figures) about the work done by the Government. During this period, too, the media were “magnanimous and generous” in their criticism, but “frugal and reserved” in their praise for the

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  • Media Mirror, October 2006: Government’s Democratic Capacity Questionable

    on Dec 4, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The Government of VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition failed to stabilize its media image in this period, not to mention raising its popularity in the media. Its image suffers the most because of the widespread conviction among the media that “Macedonia is in the midst of a political crisis”, which makes the foreign politicians and diplomatic representatives “worried, making an effort to point out the situation to the Government and to facilitate a process to overcome it”.   In terms of the manner in which the media perceive and interpret Government’s moves and activities, it seems that the

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  • Polarized interethnic relations are slowing down the EU integration process!

    on Nov 8, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The analysis noted continuing decrease of media popularity of current Government’s moves in the ongoing political processes. The Government of VMRO-DPMNE and its coalition partners don’t have nearly the same media support provided to the “For Better Macedonia” coalition immediately before and after the Parliamentary Elections in July of this year.   Some media are inclined to criticize and evaluate negatively the changes and draft-legislatio nof the new government, including the personnel changes in the state institutions. The other media, again, added to this list of reasons the intensified tentions in the interethnic relations. This situation,

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  • MEDIA MIRROR: The Media Criticize Gruevski’s Personnel Appointments and Nepotism

    on Oct 5, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    During the period covered by this analysis, in addition to the criticism of the former ruling parties, the relatively balanced but still far from neutral approach to the new Government has faltered. There is increasing criticism balancing out the previous overwhelming support for the new government. The media are increasingly hesitant to engage in direct positive evaluations of the Government and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. The dismissal of several hundred public office holders in the state administration was a move that met with a predominantly negative reaction in the media. Some new appointments were seen as

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  • Media Mirror, September 2006: The media suggestions for the political prospect of Vlado Buckovski

    on Sep 20, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    During the analyzed period (10-20 July 2006) the media demonstrated a very active approach and didn’t hesitate to offer their own thesis and recommendations on three major issues: a) the political position and prospects facing Vlado Buckovski after the defeat of the “For Macedonia Together” coalition; b) the position and prospects of Nikola Gruevski after his “For Better Macedonia” won the Elections; and c) the position and prospects of the DUI-PDP coalition after the electoral ‘victory’ and the opportunities available to DPA after their electoral ‘defeat’.   “Media Mirror” intents  to present a clear picture of the professional standards and information criteria of the

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  • Media Mirror: Endorsement and Propaganda for VMRO-DPMNE and Gruevski

    on Jul 24, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The NGO Infocentre, under its “Media Mirror” programme, implements a qualitative monitoring of the media coverage of 2006 Parliamentary Elections.   The monitoring reviews the positioning of the media towards the campaigns of political entities: “For Macedonia Together” and “For Better Macedonia” coalitions, and DUI, DPA, NSDP, VMRO-NP, DOM, ZNP and PEO among the political parties.   The Monitoring includes 12 media, six national daily newspapers and six national television broadcasters: “Vest”, “Vecer”, “Vreme”, “Dnevnik”, “Utrisnki vesnik”, “Fakti”, A1 TV, Kanal 5 TV, MTV 1, MTV2 (News in Albanian), Sitel TV and Telma TV.   The second report,

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  • Media Mirror, May 2006: Macedonian Media United Against the Joint Celebration of “Ilinden”

    on Jun 12, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The presence of Macedonian-Bulgarian relations in the media is on the rise, especially in the context of Macedonian historical heritage.  The most characteristic feature of the media in May 2006 was the fact that most of them reacted and emphasized their strong opposition to the initiative for a joint celebration of Macedonia’s national holiday “Ilinden” with Bulgaria.   One characteristic of the media reporting during this period was the fact that the coverage of the European integration processes was dominated by strong criticism of the Government, but also of the political elites in general. The scepticism

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  • Media Mirror, April 2006: Early Campaigning – the Culprit for the Lag of Reforms!

    on Jun 1, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The prevalent fear in the public of the long-term suspension of EU expansion, after Romania and Bulgaria are accepted into membership, has pushed to the foreground of Macedonian media space. The media, under the influence of the negative reviews by “The Economist” and “The Financial Times”, are uncertain and imprecise in their views and move back and forth between pessimism and optimism or, in the majority of cases, make their own bids about Macedonian perspectives in the process of European integrations.   With full respect for the importance of positions presented by EU institutions, the media create for

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  • Media Mirror, March 2006: Erwan Fouere and Ollie Rehn – favourites of the Macedonian media

    on Apr 26, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    Macedonian relations with the European Union are treated in the media through several large and small topics. The media didn’t restrict itself to just information, but presented their own evaluations and judgment too.In March, the media have adopted the consensus opinion that the EU is not ready for further expansion, while Macedonia is not ready for serious reforms.   Thus the media sidestepped the dilemma of Macedonia’s European integration being related directly to how democratic, fair and free the forthcoming parliamentary elections will be. In this context the media analyzed the behaviour and actions of domestic

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  • Kosovo and Hague divided the media on ethnic basis!

    on Mar 29, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The differences between the positions held by Macedonian state leadership and certain foreign political actors, regarding the timing of the completion of the demarcation of the border between Macedonia and Kosovo, were visible also in the differing views the media held on this issue. Such differences were particularly evident between the media in Macedonian and the media in Albanian language. While the majority of media publishing or broadcasting in Macedonian language summarized their positions and emphasized them in headlines such as: "Demarcation Before the Status of Kosovo", in the Albanian language media totally opposite headlines were seen: “Demarcation After the Status of Kosovo"

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