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  • Media Mirror, November 2006: Government Promises for the Economy Don’t Correspond with its Actions!

    on Dec 25, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    “The Government’s strategy for promotion of its first 100 days in office resulted in oscillating and uncertain results and effects in the media. If, at the beginning of the campaign, the media reflected the optimism and elation manifested by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, in the days that followed, the media launched the negative, sceptical and pessimistic reactions and comments (by journalists, editors, experts, political figures) about the work done by the Government. During this period, too, the media were “magnanimous and generous” in their criticism, but “frugal and reserved” in their praise for the

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  • Media Mirror, October 2006: Government’s Democratic Capacity Questionable

    on Dec 4, 06 • in Media Monitoring

    The Government of VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition failed to stabilize its media image in this period, not to mention raising its popularity in the media. Its image suffers the most because of the widespread conviction among the media that “Macedonia is in the midst of a political crisis”, which makes the foreign politicians and diplomatic representatives “worried, making an effort to point out the situation to the Government and to facilitate a process to overcome it”.   In terms of the manner in which the media perceive and interpret Government’s moves and activities, it seems that the

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