Media Relations

The Media Relations are the most widely used segment of Public Relations. In the existing situation in which over 300 media companies work in Macedonia, the NGO Info-centre offers you a two-way content communication with the media, conducted on the basis of regular, planned and analytic approach.


  • Preparation of communication plan
  • Address book with contact information on media and individual journalists
  • Preparation of invitations and press releases
  • Preparation of hand-outs to be distributed to the journalists
  • Organization of press-conferences
  • Conference room with 40 seats, sound-system and LCD equipment
  • Organization of presentations and promotional events
  • Organization of press-briefings and informal meetings with members of the press
  • Facilitation of press-conferences and meetings with the press
  • Public appearance trainings
  • Media activities coordination
  • Counseling and advise
  • Press-clippings
  • Analysis of media coverage

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