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  • Weekly #CovidImmunometer: Fully Vaccinataed 34.5% of the Population

    on Sep 28, 21 • in Analyses, Important, Covid Imunometer

    Vial with vaccine

    37.8% of the population received one dose of vaccine (781.623 citizens)

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  • Census and Covid-19

    on Sep 27, 21 • in Activities, Important


    The pandemic has intensified the need to modernize the world’s censuses Author: Maja Jovanovska There are no comprehensive population registers in the country and at this moment only electronic census is not possible. The director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski, says that the most desirable variant is an electronic census and that it will not “cost a single penny”. But, according to him, there are several reasons why at the moment it is not possible to conduct an electronic census in the country. The main reason, Simovski points out, is that we do

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  • Census 2021 and Health Care

    on Sep 27, 21 • in Activities, Important


    Through an inventory to effective health care of citizens Author: Goran Naumovski According to statisticians, the census will give a clear “picture” of how many doctors and other medical staff there are in the country. The census will help the institutions assess in which municipality or city additional medical staff should be employed, and where there is overemployment. In fact, the census will enable the competent institutions to obtain accurate and fresh data on the number and structure of the medical staff in the country; what medical staff is needed; where new hospitals, clinical centers,

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  • Census 2021 and Urbanization

    on Sep 24, 21 • in Activities, Analyses

    MKD_Popis Konecno Infographics_URBANIZACIJA

    Through Census to Accurate Knowledge of the Standard of Living Author: Maja Jovanovska After almost two decades in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, from September 5 to 30, a Census of Population, Households and Dwellings will be conducted. The last census was conducted in 2002, which means that in the country there are poor statistics on the number of population, number of houses and apartments, fields, livestock. In conditions of lack of new and accurate information, the government, institutions and municipalities prepare all strategic documents and plans for economic development, health, education policy, etc., based

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  • Third Dose of Vaccine Against COVID-19: Many Recommendations, But Also Dilemmas

    on Sep 22, 21 • in Activities, Analyses, Important, Covid Imunometer


    Author: Maja Jovanovska The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet made an official recommendation for the use of a third dose of KOVID-19 vaccines. The priority at the moment is to get more mass vaccination worldwide. Therefore, the WHO calls for temporary abstinence from the third vaccine dose by rich countries and the diversion of relative surplus vaccines to poor countries. The list of countries that have adopted a recommendation for a third vaccine dose is quite long and is constantly increasing. This recommendation was first adopted by Israel, followed by France, Germany, the

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  • Media Monitoring (August 2021): Covid-19 Vaccination

    on Sep 22, 21 • in Activities, Covid Imunometer, Media Monitoring

    Monitoring na mediumi [ Infographic 08_2021 ]

    Main topics: New protocols and the percentage of vaccinated among newly infected

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  • Census 2021 and the Court Network in the Country

    on Sep 22, 21 • in Activities, Analyses

    MKD_Popis Konecno Infographics_SUDSTVO

    Census figures will dictate the structure of the courts Author: Hristina Belovska It is more and more certain that the census data will be used to organize and modernize the court network, and with that new changes will come. The information from the statistical operation is also awaited by the Ministry of Justice, where they say that the number of the population is one of the criteria that leads to accurate design of the court network. Whether some of the smaller courts with general jurisdiction will merge with the courts with extended jurisdiction is a

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  • Census 2021 and Agriculture

    on Sep 22, 21 • in Activities, Analyses

    MKD_Popis Konecno Infographics_AGRAR (2)

    The census will enable quality development policies in agriculture Author: Vane Trajkov Everyone thinks that without official statistics, quality policies cannot be created. Without official figures for the population, for its structure, for the agricultural holdings, for the size of the potential arable land and its expiration, for the livestock, no progress can be expected in the Macedonian agriculture. The forthcoming census should provide a database so that relevant development policies can be planned and created, primarily in the rural part of the country. However, for the development of agriculture, in addition to the population

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  • Weekly #CovidImmunometer: Fully Vaccinated 32.3% of the Population

    on Sep 21, 21 • in Activities, Analyses, Important, Covid Imunometer


    37.1% of the population received one dose of vaccine (767.652 citizens)

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  • CENSUS 2021 and regional development

    on Sep 17, 21 • in Activities, Analyses

    MKD_Popis Konecno Infographics_REGIONI (2)

    With census to balanced development of regions and municipalities Author: Violeta Kozinkova

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