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  • Political Elite Actions a Holding Back the EU Integration Process

    on Dec 4, 07 • in Media Monitoring

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    According to the media, the instability and the crisis in the political processes in Macedonia, the disorientation of the Government and the unstable internal relations of the ruling coalition result from a combinatino of several negative factors: a) the asymetric relations between the partners in the Government (with emphasis on the claim that Gruevski is held hostage by Thaqi); b) the scandal surrounding the failed attempt to sell the "Negotino” thermoelectric power plant; and, c) the disablity to harmonize the individual parties’ interests during the completion of appointments for the National Judicial Council

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  • Media Concerned About the European Future of Macedonia

    on Nov 5, 07 • in Media Monitoring

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    The media expressed their concerns over the developments that have, or may have, significant impact on the European future of the country. According to the media, the Government failed to reach a consensus, through a dialogue of political actors in Macedonia, on issues that are on the top of the list of national and state priorities

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  • Thaqi Shakes Gruevski’s Boat

    on Sep 28, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    The media continue with the intensive criticism of insufficient levels of cohabitation between the Government and President Crvenkovski. The boycott by Government officials, i.e. their refusal to sit at the same table with the President has led to a number of absurd situations, like during the visit of Austrian President Heinz Fisher.The refusal to sign an agreement and to ignore the Austrian businesspeople by Government representatives was seen by the media as a reason to criticise the Macedonian ministers for their gaffe. On the other hand, several media grudgingly conclude that "Macedonia is turned into a hostage of the bad cohabitation between President Crvenkovski and Gruevski's Government"

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    on Aug 23, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    Despite the optimistic statistics presented by the Government, there is rising pessimism in the media about the situation in the country. The Government promotion of economic statistical data didn’t impress the media much. Most of them treat that information with great reservations and outright skepticism

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  • MEDIA MIRROR, MAY 2007: The Agreement with DUI – Much Worse Option than Framework Agreement

    on Jun 27, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    Most media had no doubt, during the period covered by this analysis, the "Prime Minister Gruevski wants to hide his deal with DUI, and a number of media even presented arguments proving that their is a written document with signatures of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI (they published a facsimile of the document accepted by the two sides). According to the media, the deal with DUI is a new framework agreement that presents us with a much worse option to solve the interethnic relations in Macedonia

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  • MEDIA MIRROR, APRIL 2007: Thaqi Undermines Gruevski’s Ratings

    on May 30, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    The media are expressing their concern that the Government implements policies that, judging from reactions in Brussels, have negative impact on the progress of European integration processes in Macedonia

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  • MEDIA MIRROR, March 2007: President-Prime Minister Relations – EU Sees them as Problem

    on May 3, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    All media follow and determine a chronic lack of “normal” cohabitation between the Prime Minister and the President of the country. The cohabitation problems, according to the media, are yet another “minus” for Macedonia in front of EU. For most media, that is a proof that their are defects in the functioning of institutions. The relations Prime Minister – President are usually viewd in the context of Menduh Thaqi’s behaviour. His actions in Macedonian politics reflects on the positions of both the Prime Minister and the President, with Crvenkovsi winning points and Gruevski loses on the score

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  • MEDIA MIRROR, February 2007: The Krasniqi Case – Costly Political Deal!

    on Apr 4, 07 • in Media Monitoring

    Most of the media have increased the criticism towards the Government, above all towards the Prime Minister Gruevski and the governing VMRO-DPMNE, andMenduh Thaqi and DPA. The media believe that the “Krasniqi case” is an inter-party agreement that comes at a high price. The media also noted that the Government and the President of the Republic experience problems in their cohabitation, which presents problems to the country in terms of representation of national interests abroad

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  • Media Mirror, January 2007: Weak Government Policies Towards European Integration

    on Feb 26, 07 • in Media Monitoring

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    The majority of the media included in the monitoring (nine of them) were not satisfied at all with the manner in which the Government implements its programme of governance, but also of the way in which it practiced its power and authority. For that reason, this analysis could conclude that the Government finds itself in unfavourable situation in terms of the general journalistic discourse, having in mind that, according to journalists: “The Government simulates democratic rule and alleged economic success with the help of paid propaganda in the media. The majority manipulates the political system through fictional implementation of the Badintaire's Principle”

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  • Media Mirror, December 2006: The Media Criticize the Government

    on Feb 1, 07 • in Media Monitoring

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    Majority of the media criticize the Government and conclude that, judging from past practice, nothing of significance will change after its first 100 days in office.According to the media, the Government is engaged in a “selective battle for political discrediting of its opponents, while Krasniqi walks around free and phantom armed gangs interrupt ‘Nota-Fest’” and that “the political bulldozer that dealt with illegal construction deflated like an old 'rusty machine'"

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