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Youth participation is not a priority for local authorities

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Municipalities are delaying the establishment of local youth councils (LYC) and youth offices under the new law on youth participation. The only exception is Kriva Palanka...
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  • The inclusion of youth at the local level is still in its infancy.
  • The municipalities are late with the process of establishment of local youth councils (LYC) and youth offices, in accordance with the new Law on youth participation.
  • In the municipalities that have established LYCs, they function as committees under the councils and were not created in line with the new Law. The sole exemption is the Municipality of Kriva Palanka.
  • The activities of the existing LYCs are rather shy and they realize very few activities over a year.
  • The LYCs have not adopted a practice to propose initiatives for greater youth inclusion and participation to the municipal councils.
  • The municipalities have mainly observed the obligation to assign a youth officer, but several of them have not held a meeting with the youth so far.
  • The majority of the municipalities covered by this monitoring failed to adhere to the obligation to ear-mark 0.1% of the municipal budget for youth participation.
  • Almost all municipalities are late in terms of adoption of a strategy and an action plan for the youth.
  • The municipalities don’t keep gender-specific statistics on the measures or on the allocation of budget funds intended as support for the youth.

Period: October – December 2022

*The Monitoring covers seven municipalities: Kumanovo, Veles, Strumica, Kriva Palanka, Sveti Nikole, Tearce, Mavrovo-Rostuse, and was implemented under auspices of the “Active Citizens and Participative Democracy on the Local Level”, supported by the International Centre “Olof Palme” from Sweden.

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