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  • Monitoring: Does the Government Engage in Information or Propaganda?

    on Apr 5, 15 • in Publications


    This publication contains four analyses: analysis of Government’s public communication methods, tools and messages; analysis of Govern­ment’s communications related to the so-called “Makedonska Banka” case; analysis of the Prime Minister’s speeches; and analysis of Govern­ment’s media campaigns, conducted during

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  • Government’s PR: Who are Gruevski’s People?

    on Jun 26, 14 • in Activities, Analyses


    The NGO Info-center implements a monitoring for public relations practices of the Government and its representatives. This third report, titled "Who Are Gruevski's People?", is an analysis of the presence of populism in speeches and public appearances of the prime minister and the leader of the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski

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