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  • Government’s PR: Communication on the “Makedonska Banka” Case

    on Jun 19, 14 • in Activities, Analyses


    The Government and its media aimed to prevent the information in the case to reach the citizens in the first place or to reach them in a form that is closely controlled and will have no effect on the reputation and approval ratings of the Prime Minister, the Government and the ruling party. The analysis of the press-releases, reactions, interviews and other contents carried by the media and created by the Government and the ruling party demonstrate, once again, that the Government’s public communication efforts aim not to inform the citizens openly, but their sole intention is to persuade the citizens that the Government, and especially the Prime Minister, are successful and infallible, what we may call a “Teflon coated” Government to which no failure, scandal or affair sticks

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  • Does the Government Inform or Does it Engage in Propaganda?

    on Apr 21, 14 • in Activities, Analyses


    The analysis of contents published by the media and created by the Government, points out that, undoubtedly, in the communication of the executive branch with the public, the informing of citizens about policies of public interest is not on the top of its agenda. The communication aims primarily to persuade the citizens that the Government is "successful and infallible", i.e. a "Teflon" Government to which no mistake, failure or scandal sticks, and which successfully "cooks up" and implements policies that suit all citizens. The legal obligation to inform the public has been distorted into a propagandist-indoctrination activity, with a main goal to create a positive image of the government both in the media and in the general public

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